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Sacred Flame currently has a mission base in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. The work is under the leadership of Ugandan born Philip Lotimong, who lives there with his wife Rose and son Nimrod.

Philip travels extensively throughout Eastern Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia. A gifted communicator he is regularly in demand as an evangelist and teacher.since 2013 we have concentrated our mission work in the extreme North East of Uganda amongst the Karamajong tribal people.

We give thanks that to date we have five vibrant church fellowships in this region, once almost completely wiped out through civil war and the violence of the LRA. New believers are encouraged through discipleship programmes and regular leadership training.

It has long been our desire to meet some of the many humanitarian needs in Karamoja, but we have been hampered by lack of funds.we have the infrastructure ready to begin 'small business enterprise projects' and would solicit your support in order to realise this.

Sacred flame ministries



His fullness

Training and equipping

Through many personal battles God has taught Janice how to stand firm in the face of adversity and has gifted her to impart these principles to others.

She is an inspirational speaker with a strong prophetic edge. Full of the joy of the Lord and with a deep compassion for people, she loves to empower others to come into a greater degree of freedom in their Christian walk. Finding renewed faith and purpose.