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Sacred Flame Ministries ignited in 2002 when Janice Smith first responded to an invitation to preach the gospel in Cameroon.

Since then, working with local church leaders, Janice preached to communities and towns and has seen the transformational power of Jesus Christ change many lives.

Sacred Flame soon joined with faithful partners and this enabled a team to go preach the gospel and reach thousands of people all over Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK.

Sacred Flame Ministries believes that:
·     The gospel is more than just the story of Jesus - it's reality of Christ’s power today!
·      Just as in Biblical times, the preaching of the gospel should always be followed by signs and wonders i.e. healing and freedom from physical, mental and emotional sickness.
·      The good news is both spiritual and practical, and always for the poor, needy, sick and oppressed.

Janice and the team desire to reach as many people with the good news of Jesus as possible, but always with the practical hand of Jesus. 

Sacred Flame holds the encouragement and growth of the local church as integral to the building up of God’s kingdom. Regular training days, retreats and support networks are in place in each area of work for the faithful leaders who serve on a permanent basis.

With a biblical mandate to reach the marginalised and unreached, Janice and her team continue to travel the highways and the byways to preach the gospel to the lost the last and the last!


Janice Smith

Director, Sacred Flame

Founder of Sacred Flame Ministries in 2002, Janice spearheads Sacred Flame Ministries.


Martin Brown

Director, Sacred Flame

A director of SFM since 2006. Martin is a regular leader of the ministry teams on mission, along with his wife Jean.


Andrew Baddeley

Director, Sacred Flame

Recently joined the charity as a director in 2016.


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